Children's Day Speech 2022

Children's Day Speech 2019
Children's Day Speech

Children's Day Speech

Children's Day 2022: Good morning, Today is the day for the children and their care, education and right. Yes! Today is a Children's Day, 14 November 2022. Children's day is celebrated every in India on 14 November. This day is not only celebrated in India, but there other countries who celebrates Children's Day but there are different dates and days to celebrate. In India Children's day iscelebrated on 14 November every year for the tribute to India's First Prime Minister Shree Jawaharlal Nehru. Who served their life for India. The Children's Day is celebrated on 14 November because on this day Jawaharlal Nehru was born. Who always tried to give the way to teach the Indian children. They were believing in education of the children.

Jawaharlal Nehru believed in the right education of the children. They believed that children with the right education can change the mindset of the Indian population. Many people in India are steel far from the right education. There are many government schools and colleges but there is no education, there are no children or student to study there.

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We celebrate this Children's Day for the awareness of the children's care, education and rights. All the children are having the right to have an education, to study in the school, to study in the college and there is no fees for the children to study in government schools. Children are the future of the nation. If there are no children with the right education, the nation will gonna be a hell for the people. Children are the bright light for the future of the nation. We can not be the beautiful nation without the bright future of the Children of our nation. Nation without education children is like body without oxygen. 

Just hoping to change the mentality of the Indian people and hope for the bright future with the educated children changing the nation to a better and beautiful way.

"Be the change, Have education and make a way for the bright nation."

Happy Children's Day!