World Rhino Day 2020 Quotes, Slogans, Wishes, Facts, Images, Poster

World Rhino Day is celebrated annually on September 22 worldwide to aware people about saving the decreasing Rhinos number from this world.

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World Rhino Day Quotes

1. People can have rhinoceros skin, but there’s a point when something’s going to hurt you. - Janet Jackson

2. Rhinos are endangered already and if we are not swift enough in taking measures to save them there might be not rhinoceroses left on the planet.

3. Rhinoceroses are amazing animals and they do not deserve to die.

4. It is a shame that we kill rhinoceroses for their hides while forgetting completely that their lives are as precious as ours.

5. The governments of all the nations should be active in saving the rhinoceroses and as common people, it is our duty to demand protection of rhinoceroses.

6. As humans it is our responsibility to add more colors to their lives and not to kill them.

7. We stand for the protection of rhinoceroses and we will do whatever we can to help them.

8. The hides of rhinoceroses are worth a lot of money but their lives are priceless.

9. As the smartest animals on the planet Earth, we human beings should try to save other species of animals like rhinoceroses from being killed to extinction.

10. They have done no harm to us, so why are we harming them...Save rhinos!

11. Look at the eyes of these creatures and if you still feel like killing them, you have no humanity in you.

World Rhino Day 2020 Quotes, Slogans, Wishes, Facts, Images, Poster

Save Rhinos Slogans For World Rhino Day

12. Nature is a treasure; Rhinos are gems!

13. Rhino extinction could be catastrophic.

14. Rhino is a treasure, not a trophy.

15. The only way to save a Rhinoceros is to feel the pain.

16. Rhinos are the fat unicorns, preserve them to see the magic.

17. Don’t let rhinos become one of the dinosaurs.

18. Rhinos are an important part of our existence and they need to be saved.

19. Let us save rhinos from becoming extinct from this world.

20. Make it a save world for rhinos.

21. Protect rhinos today to have a better life tomorrow.

22. Let us make Earth a happier place for rhinos to live.

World Rhino Day Wishes & Greetings

23. Rhinoceroses are animals and they have families too. Save them and wish everyone a Happy World Rhino Day everybody!

24. The rhinos are majestic creatures that do not deserve to be killed. Save them and wish everyone a Happy World Rhino Day!

25. Warm wishes on World Rhino Day to you... Let us join hands to save rhinos because they are an important part of our world and we will always need them.

26. Wishing a very Happy World Rhino Day everyone, It is very sad to know that some of the humans are killing the rhinoceroses because they need protection and care.

27. The nature is not the same without all the species of living beings that are there and the extinction of rhinoceroses will have a huge negative impact on the symbiosis of nature. So save the rhinoceroses and wish everyone a  Happy World Rhino Day!


Rhinos are the animals which needs to be saved because they are disappearing, in the sense the number of Rhinos are decreasing at this time. We have to save this beautiful and different creature of nature.

That's why on this World Rhino Day, we have shared these Best World Rhino Day Quotes, Slogans, Wishes, Facts, Images & Poster with you so that you can aware people by sharing these Rhino Day slogans and quotes.